Consumer Unit Upgrade

Benchmark Electrical Solutions are consumer unit upgrade specialists (also known as fuse boards and fuse boxes), our highly experienced Bicester based electricians can provide top quality, Hagar branded fuse boards for your home to the highest standard, with minimum disruption. We upgrade and install new fuse boards in properties across Bicester and Oxfordshire.
17th addition  RCD consumer units
All the upgrades provided by us are to the latest IEE wiring regulations, 17th addition: BS7671 and part P.

An RCD  ( Residual Current Device ) will make your home safer and protect you from the risk of electrical fire and electrocution.
Instead of fuses with fuse wire a modern consumer unit has MCBs these can be simply reset if the device has tripped.

In a fault condition an RCD should disconnect the electrical supply in 0.4 of a second = 40ms, these RCDs should be tested by pressing the test button marked ‘T’ Quarterly.

 5 year electrical installation certificates will be provided on completion.

Fuseboard Change IMG_3635

Why should I have a new consumer unit?
Old fuse boards with rewireable fuses were technology from the 1950’s and provide no protection against electrical fires and electrocution.
When a fault or overload occurs on a circuit with a rewireable fuse, the heat will melt the fuse wire when the current goes above the acceptable level. When this happens you have to replace the wire inside the fuse with the correct size fuse wire. This has caused lots of problems over the years as incompetent people have used the wrong size cable or even a piece of metal, this has resulted in fire.

If you would like some advice on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fuseboard Change

All our fuse board upgrades comply with the latest regulations to the electrical trade.
We will provide you with test sheets which cover your property for 5 years.

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